Community Projects and Events

Paws for Special Pets - Sept. 1st - Oct. 6th

It is time for more Needlecraft Barn patrons’ windows. The next two windows will display a theme with a cause. We also hope they are ways to help you use up those one or two extra balls of yarn in your stash that you don’t know what to do with.

Suzanne Gainer has told us about a group of three local women (north central WV and south western PA) who call themselves “Paws for Special Pets.”  Relying entirely on their own resources, these three friends are working to accomplish two goals.  First, they help elderly and disabled people keep their pets by supplementing the costs.  They will step in and pay for unexpected vet bills, medicine, and food when the costs exceed what a fixed income can cover.  Second, they foster old, disabled, ill or ‘cranky’ small dogs that otherwise would not have a home.  They currently have a combined total of 38 dogs; many Jack Russell Terriers, plus Chihuahuas, Chihuahua mixes, dachshunds, a small poodle and a shih tzu.  These are small breeds which chill easily and really do not like going outside when it is cold. While there are many ways to help, one of the things they need are small dog sweaters as the cooler weather approaches. 

For our window we would like to collect dog sweaters to send to them to help out.  If you would like to participate, dig through your stash, and knit or crochet a small sized dog sweater.  “Paws for Special Pets” would prefer that the sweaters be machine wash and dry, but they will accept hand wash as well. The dogs are not particular about color or style, so mix and be as creative as you want. There are many free patterns on Ravelry that offer ideas for pet sweaters.  Drop them off at the shop by Labor Day weekend. We will put them on display for a month, and as in the past, you will have the chance to vote for your favorites. Suzanne will deliver the sweaters to the group in October. The crafters of the two favorites will receive a $10 gift certificate to The Needlecraft Barn. We will accept sweater donations until the end of September. If you have any additional questions about “Paws for Special Pets,” or things to consider when making the sweaters, you can email Suzanne at <>.  Be sure to put “dog sweaters” in the subject line so she will know what it is about.
Project Linus Blanket Drive

The Needlecraft Barn has been a drop off location for Project Linus for many years.  My current plans are to feature Project Linus from October until Thanksgiving.  The idea is to start with an empty window and fill it with Project Linus donations until Thanksgiving.  The more full the window gets the better.  There will be more details about this in the next newsletter.  If you want to get some ideas for or an early start on this project there are many links to patterns at We will accept any of the styles listed on the website; knit, crochet, quilted, or fleece.